Thursday, January 22, 2015

Blame it on Pinterest

No  matter how hard I try I just can't find time to update my blog. I have a lot of reasons why not such as, the little acreage we just purchased that requires tearing down buildings, mowing, cleaning, building fences. Then add 11 grandchildren that live in 4 different town doing every sport available, then having a JOB!!!

But NO, I am going to blame it on Pinterest! I can work around everything else but when I pull up Pinterest it is like being in a world all my own. Ideas swarm around my head, visions of decorating, gardening, photography, sewing, crafting and scrapping engulf me and pretty soon hours have passed and there is no time to blog, no time to surf the wonderful world of blogging that kept me so busy before.

I think I need an intervention. YEP a full blown, can't touch a computer, pull up a site on my phone, intervention. I need to quit living vicariously through Pinterest, get off my duff and experience the magic of DIY projects.

So here is to living the dream instead of dreaming the dream...........and my first project, to work on my cottage garden studio!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Almost can't be!!

   I just can't believe that 8 months has passed since my last post, seems like yesterday. Soooooo much has happened over spring, summer and now fall that I won't even try to play catch up.

   So I must say goodbye to all my  flowers. I sometimes feel ever so sad about that and then I think of the running game, where I run to the house from work to water, and then to the garden and water, and then to the farm and water and I think "there are good things that come from frost" and I start to relax and my mind.........starts planning for next year. What's up with that???

  Probably the most exciting news is.................we bought 20 acres in the country. Just 2 miles from town, it just perfect for our retirment home. This is the main reason I haven't posted anything, we work our jobs from 8-5 and the rest of the time is spent, cleaning, mowing, moving junk. This little place IS a work in progress. To date the hubs has taken almost 70 ton of old iron and junk from the place......before and work in progress photos to come soon.

  This is the old house that needs to come down so that we can put up something new and start living out there. The prospects are so exciting that I constantly have my nose in floor plans, garden rooms, etc. This house is NOT a fixer upper, maybe if we were 25 years younger and were, well good at those things. But we aren't, just taking off the asbestos siding before razing it seems like a LOT of work to me. will happen.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Catch Up

I think this is the story of my life, it is called "Catch Up". I don't know where the time goes but I do know it goes fast so I will try to catch up with the events going on in the Kennedy family.

So starting with youngest to oldest, our little Mr. Brody is fast approaching the six month mark. He is the happiest baby and is rolling everywhere, getting up on a knee and loving anything his big brothers do. They can make him laugh like crazy or sometimes cry when they scare the beegeebies out of him. He is a big little guy at the 95% percentile for his age.

Little Miss Libby will be turning 1 year old in  just a month. She is just a little dolly and recently started walking. She too is just such a happy little thing and loves chasing her big brother Lucas around or being chased my him. Libby was dedicated to the Lord just before Thanksgiving and we were blessed to be able to attend. It is a five hour drive to visit the kids so we don't see them as much as we would like.

Lucas had his 4th birthday party just before Thanksgiving. We had a good time at the YMCA watching him play with his cousins and friends. He is a daddy's little helper and can get into all kinds of mischief. He is always a happy little camper.

My little Cash Keane turned 4 in 2013 also and was so excited to attend Pre-school. We had a little party and a cake waiting for him when he got home. A fall while playing with his brother cost him a broken leg, it was a bad break and he had been in a cast for several months. It took him awhile to get back to being rough and tumbly but once he did he was involved in his first year of soccer and loves playing football with his big brother Jaxon.

Emma Jean is a mini me, she loves to craft and spend hours in the garden planting seeds and pulling weeds. She also is a little tom boy and keeps up with her boy cousins, and is sometime a little bit of a daredevil. Her mind is as bright as her spirit, she recently won the Spelling Bee in first grade. She tells me she really isn't into sports, she likes to read. She is also my little beautician and when she comes to visit I not only get my hair fixed, my nails polished but a relaxing little hand massage.

Next on this little step ladder of grannies is Jaxon. He turned 8 last year and is in the 2nd grade. I sometimes think his head is in the clouds but then I realize he has been doing some studious thinking. The kid has a mind as sharp as a tack and is Mr. observant. Jaxon is in his third or fourth year of soccer and is getting pretty darn good at it. He made many goals for his team this fall and is now involved in his schools program called "Skipping Cats". He and his little brother Cash were also in a community play at Christmas and they both did a great job acting.

My little buck-a-roo Adrianne is in the third grade. That is just so hard for me to believe as I was a para for the third grade for almost 10 years and she just should not be that old already. She has Jeff's and my love of animals and spends as much time atop her horse Hickory as possible. We follow her around the softball field, attend dance recitals and this winter watched her play in her first basketball games for the 3rd and 4th grade team.

My soon to be step grandson Brandt is an all around little athlete. He played quarter back for his young Crawford Ram team, rides horses, bikes and is at this moment wrestling in Jr. Federation competition. It was fun to have a quarterback to take photos of because...they always have their hands on the ball. It wasn't unusual for me to take 300 or more photos when he was on the field.

Austin Wayne is in 8th grade this year and we so enjoyed following him around to his football and now basketball games. He has just really sprouted this past year and has gone from a boy to a young man. He has the kindest heart and when our family gets together he helps keep the little ones entertained. He has many passions, besides his football and basketball sports he also rides motor cross, rides horses and shares his dad's passion of hunting.

My soon to be granddaughter Spenser turned the big 14 this year. Of all the grannies she is the most domesticated. She is also a little entrepreneur as  has her own cupcake and cake baking business. She stays busy with volleyball and basketball but a knee injury kept her off the court for a bit this past year. She also enjoys doing mani/pedi's for her friends and family and loves to ride her horse.

Last but not least is my handsome grandson Taylor Michael. A junior in high school, we have traveled the panhandle of Nebraska and into South Dakota to watch him play football and basketball. He is not only a great athlete but just a great person. He was chosen for many school honors, is on the National Honor Society, recently joined FFA and really has so many things on his list of accomplishments  that I don't know what they all are.

So here they all are, all eleven of them. This photo was taken in South Dakota near two of their ski resorts. The whole family spent the weekend for New Year's Day in this most awesome cabin in the woods. It was wild and crazy, noisy to the hilt and I loved every moment of it.

I just had to include this picture of Greg's family because it shows all the snow we had surrounding our cabin. It was at the top of a canyon but the end of a road so we had the perfect place to go sledding. Greg and I took Taylor, his girlfriend Page and Emma to one of the ski resorts for an afternoon of skiing and sledding. (Just the kids did the activities, Greg and I sat on the porch watching). It was dropping inches of snow at the time and was just a sight to see.

My story wouldn't be complete if I didn't include a little blip about my animals. This is Copper Todd, my little mini dachshund. I enjoy this little mutt more than ever. He is my constant companion, just wish I could bring him to work. My boss would probably let me cuz his wife has two or three of these little critters but I work in a building that has a restaurant and, animals just aren't allowed in.

 A picture of Adrianne on her horse Hickory and a picture of my new horse Deuce with Brandt giving him a ride. We have a little bit of a menagerie of animals, four dogs, a cat, four horses and two goldfish. We love each and everyone one of them.

Jeff and I got a new bike this summer. We made it on only one ride to Sturgis but are determined to get more time in this year on the darn thing. We have also purchased 20 acres of land and some day move to the country. As it is now there are many buildings in need or repair or just plain demolished, trees to plant, fences to build or mend, grass to grow it should keep us plenty busy. I hope to start a new blog about this adventure as we surely do have some fun re- purposing in store for us.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Austin Wayne Kennedy - my 2nd in line of 9 grannies. Playing football on the 7th and 8th grade team this year, Austin plays with his head and his heart. You can say that Austin gives it is all.

Austin #23 was one of the team captains at this last game.

Coming off the field after winning the first game.

Austin caught a blocked punt.

He returned if for several yards.

His return set the ball on the one yard line and made it possible for his team to make their first touchdown of the evening.

Needless to say we are very proud of grandson #2 or is that #23!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Welcome new little one.

Introducing Brody Austin to the family. Born just last Friday, Brody is #9 of my nine grannies. What a wonderful experience to be there to see you take your first breath. What a blessing!

Sweet dreams!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It has been so long since I have blogged and I thought 'where do I start' then decided, how about now. When I last left you we were putting together the greenhouse. Look what came from that adventure.

Then I fell in love with my sunflowers -  so started taking photos of them.

and other flowers....


The grannies started back to school. Taylor Michael is a junior; Austin and Spencer - 8th grade; Brandt - 5th; Adrianne - 3rd; Jaxon 2nd; Emma 1st; Cash Preschool.

So those are some recents, I was going to add more but really struggling with downloading photos so even though I am back at blogging I didn't get much done.

The END!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Feeding bunnies, pitching hay - the good life.

When the grannies come to stay it's not all work and mostly play.
One of our February chores is putting up the greenhouse. This year it was a brand new one that Jeff bought me on sale last year. It was to late in the season to put it up so I have been excitedly  waiting for that warm day in Feb. when we could put it together. Gramps and uncle Greg have used a lot of patience putting it up with the help of Cash, Emma and Jaxon.

The frame seemed very flimsy but once everything was together it seemed rather sturdy.

Emma and Jax help by putting in the hundreds of screws. We did get the whole thing put together and now it is sitting snuggly in the garden waiting for that planting time.

Jaxon and Cash help with the horse chores. It takes a lot of trips with the little amount they get on their fork but they got them fed. Then Lucas helps grandpa look for places that the rabbits hide and fed them some grain and hay.

Did anyone watch that ad during the Super Bowl? The one about a farmer? Well I couldn't help but think of Jeff during that ad especially when it says a farmer will stop his work in the hay field to splint the leg of a bird. Well that's my Jeff, he would do that and may have even done that. I know he packed a bunny home that got his ears cut in the sickle and nursed it to health. He continued his work that day after hitting it, carrying  the bunny around in his shirt. Well now he goes out to the country and puts alfalfa out for the rabbits this winter and feeds the deer out of his hay stash because he knows they are hungry.  We really need to live in the country!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January Blues or Blue Skies?

The climate is changing, that is the forecast and I am beginning to believe it. Instead of winter snows we are having winter warming. This week's forecast is to be in the 50's plus, which I find amazing, as January has always been our cold month here in ole Nebraska, but not this year. Ok we have had some cooler weather but it doesn't last long and I am OK with that.

This weekend, when it is suppose to be almost 60, **smiling**,  I hope to talk Jeff into setting up the little greenhouse he bought for me last fall. I have been aching to see it put up in the garden and now it is about to come true. That means it is also time to get my seeds ordered so I can start the planting process. So excited about this summer as last summer was so very hot and I was unable to work in the garden,  it is with great hope that I will get my fingers in the soil this year.

Glad to be back at work after having almost one month off in December. You would think that with winter there isn't much to do around the Fort but oh no, we are busier than ever. The guys are gutting the kitchen and replacing almost everything along with working on new plans for the Sutler Store. There is also animals to feed, the buffalo, longhorn and horses are fed daily and soon some new little longhorns will come along.

I am getting contracts ready, going through 2012 files and setting up 2013. Advertising for jobs and getting set for interviews. Ordering merchandise and working on schedules. So busy it is and soon Feb., one of my favorite months, will be here. Need to get some Valentine ideas a going...............!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nothing to say - NOT!

A friend asked me the other day why I haven't been blogging. My reply "I just didn't have anything to say". Now when did that ever happen to me I wonder. Thought maybe I should at least put up some kind of a post, and all of sudden I realized I had a LOT to say. There, that's the old me.

So here I go.

Got my computer fixed. YIPPEE!! Sad news, when it crashed I lost all my photos, probably should have taken it in the first time I started having trouble and they probably could have saved some of them - DANG. Good news is  that it has lots more memory and an upgrade so now I can play with my photos again. And I bought this little 99 cent app and look what I can do with it.

Isn't that just fun. It takes just a matter of minutes and I could make Cash's eyes blue and highlight that Nebraska hat. Here is another photo.

I  just got a tickle out of doing that. Impressed? Just 99 cents........I am. There are several very inexpensive apps for the Mac that can do great things.

While picking up my Mac I ended up bringing home a new couch. We really, really needed one - last time I bought a couch we sat on lawn chairs for almost a year as I gave my old set to my son and his family and then couldn't make up my mind on what I wanted. This time I just took what I saw when I saw something I liked. It's leather, has recliners because that is what Jeff wants and is oatmeal in color, soooooo it matches everything and anything.

Work was very busy with the deer season opening up. On Friday, the day before I worked from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m., not a big deal I put in lots of hours all summer but this time I was on my feet from the time I got to the Fort in the morning until 6 p.m. when we had to sign deer hunters up in the draw units. Tucker me out, well my feet anyway.

Also have been working hard on the Historical Dinner. My exciting news - Midwest Living Magazine will be there to do a feature story on it. Sad part - won't come out until 2012. So I really want to do a good job. Have a pointsetta/burlap theme going on.

Here is a photo of Austin's first buck. He almost made grand champion at deer camp 2011 but his dad ended up with a really nice deer, bigger and older than Austin's. But for an 11 year old this is a pretty nice 'starter' buck.

This is probably the neatest thing - a hand stitched quilt well let's see about 8 of them. The friend's place that all my guys going hunting at - we call it "Deer Camp" made each one of the fellows a quilt. I think that has to be the coolest 'warm' gift EVER! Babe, the lady who made these,  started working on them last year - not sure how she got them all done but she did. Here they are. 

Can you imagine, quilting eight quilts in less than a year and again I add they are hand quilted!! I am a wee bit envious, of the quilts and the ability to quilt like that.

Now with Thanksgiving in the air I am excited to say that all of my children and grandchildren will be home for the holiday. I can't wait to spend time with them and all of their families. Blessed - YES I am!!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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